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Handwriting analysis accurately reveals the essence of a person's character. Our writing is as unique as our life story—our feelings, aspirations and potential are all evident when we write.

My objective appraisals offer insight and understanding of personality and behaviour to suit your requirements.

About graphology

Graphology is the study of personality through handwriting. It is based on the principle that every person's individual writing style is entirely due to the uniqueness of his or her personality. When we write, the message is first constructed in our mind, and then transmitted to the hand to be expressed on paper.

Our emotions, thinking style, social attitudes and personal preferences all play a part in how the letters are formed in the act of writing. It is ‘body language’ on paper, and reveals our true character and current state of mind, which can be accurately revealed by a trained graphologist.


Through analysis, graphology can provide an array of uses, from making important career choices, to exposing inner strengths about one's self.

  • Recruitment—employee selection

    Handwriting analysis is an effective way to evaluate specific criteria, and reports will be tailor made to suit your requirements. You will be provided with a character profile and skills assessment of your key candidates.

  • Career guidance

    My reports will give you insight into your natural abilities and motivation. I'll offer you ideas to follow up on, and pathways to explore when considering study or employment opportunities. Your writing will be your guide.

  • Partnerships—professional and personal

    Compatibility can be assessed through handwriting analysis. I examine the samples of each person concerned to construct a detailed report, to give you information and clarity for these important decisions.

  • Mid-life challenges

    My confidential and thorough analysis will examine what truly motivates and satisfies you, and provide avenues for further exploration and development for the next phase of your life.

  • Youth guidance

    Handwriting analysis is an excellent tool to show you your inner strengths and potential—your decisions can be greatly enhanced with this ‘inside information’, and you'll be on your way to a fulfilling and satisfying future.

  • Personality profiling

    My confidential and objective reports aim to give you a deeper understanding, to help you and your loved ones. The understanding that graphology can provide will give you renewed confidence for the path ahead.

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Member of the British Institute of Graphologists

As a fully qualified graduate and member of the British Institute of Graphologists I operate according to a strict code of ethics and in complete confidence. I evaluate the writing sample wholistically, and will give you an honest and objective report that is suited to your needs.

Graphology is a scientific analysis of a script, based on centuries of study and research. Psychological knowledge is then applied to the character traits revealed, to paint an accurate portrait of the personality. I am committed to maintaining high standards with a focus on understanding the writer. I assure you of my tact, sensitivity and discretion.

How it works

The study of personality through handwriting

Regardless of how you were taught to write in primary school, we each develop a style of our own. We have developed as individuals with unique experiences and personalities, and this is what graphology reveals. Writing begins in the brain, and our conscious and subconscious expression becomes evident on the page when we put pen to paper.

This is also why our writing changes from time to time—our emotions and thoughts are expressed when we write. However just as each person has a series of constant character traits that identify them as an individual, particular aspects of handwriting remain the same and unique for each of us.

Sir David Attenborough—naturalist and broadcaster
In this sample just a few writing features have been noted, with the character traits they reveal. In a full analysis over 42 handwriting movements are observed and analysed to complete a wholistic appraisal of the personality.
The validity of graphology

Scientific and psychological personality profiling

A science consists of a body of predictive theories, which must be provable through testing. Graphology is based on laws that have been accrued over hundreds of years of recording and observation, and incorporates psychological theories. The founder of analytical psychology—Carl Jung—describes graphology as a valid outward manifestation of the human psyche, and that these methods provide an objective viewpoint from which to assess personality.

Handwriting, although containing language akin to verbal communication, is in fact a form of non-verbal communication and closer to body language. Graphology gives an unbiased outline of the unique personality and behaviour of an individual, without them even being present. Psychologists the world over, assess clients from non-verbal cues, and handwriting reveals this through movement in the writing. Graduates of the British Institute of Graphologists undergo rigorous examinations, and hold a worldwide-recognized qualification.


  • Oh wow Andrea! I have just read through your report and had the most overwhelming emotions... it is amazing to know what my handwriting says about me. I wholeheartedly agree with all that you have discovered! I do like the sound of Art therapist...and will research that avenue in greater detail! Thank you so much for the many hours of your time and the dedication you have put into deciphering my writing! Julie-Anne Career guidance report
  • Amazing what handwriting can reveal. To be honest I was quite skeptical about what you did until a single page of writing had you read me like a book! Recommend this service to anyone with an interest in development or personal discovery. Michael Youth guidance report

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