Nick Kyrgios  

What his writing reveals

Fierce determination, irritation and high ideals can be seen in the writing of Nick Kyrgios. His trademark competitiveness, dynamism and lightening quick reflexes pack stadiums and he’s currently ranked number one in Australia and 13 in the world of men’s tennis. His speed of thought, keen intuition and perseverance give him the edge over his opponents, along with his precision and efficiency of movement – but the gut reactions and intensity that make his game so electrifying, also play their part when he’s challenged by authority.

As a young man who has grown up in the spotlight and under scrutiny he meets the challenge of other’s opinions of him in much the same way as an opponent in a match. He won’t be put down and stands strong. He believes in himself, is upbeat and focused on the future, but despite his bravado he has his doubts from time to time. However these only serve to drive him even harder, and he’ll push himself to the limit, which will see him moody, emotional and needing his own space. And although aggressive when challenged, he is respectful and certainly appreciates the professionalism and insight of the artist who drew this portrait. 

Not one for hoards of friends, he’d rather spend time with a select few, and those that know him well know that his bark is worse than his bite. It’s like a wall in a way, to let people know he won’t be pushed around, however finding a way to open up about all that he deals with on a personal level would help him immensely. 

He’s a young man with intense feelings and strong convictions, and disappointment cuts deep. But he’s also able to adapt to what life throws at him, and given the opportunity to express himself and find positive outlets for all of his energies and emotions, he may well find more constructive ways to deal with authority. Although it may seem like a contradiction, having outlets outside of tennis is essential for Nick to release the tension he experiences, and this would be advantageous for his life as a whole, and in his quest to be number one.

With many thanks to Mark Winter for the sketch, drawn courtside in June 2015.

Image source: https://chicanepictures.com/tag/nick-kyrgios/