Shane Warne 

A handwriting perspective…

Warnie’s copped a fair deal of press over the years as one of the country’s most elite sportsmen. The cricketer/celebrity/all round Aussie bloke has been applauded for his skills on the field and his genuine character, and there’s been plenty of off-field controversy in the media. This note penned in his autobiography however, is as much telling as the story itself, revealing his motivation, aspirations and social attitude to name a few. Here’s an honest appraisal of the man behind the hype, from his handwriting and signature. 

A born communicator with restless undertones, Shane’s consistent energy reserves seek expression, both physically and emotionally. He’s sincere and spontaneous, and his impulsive nature has got him into trouble more that once. His instincts however are held in check by his sense of logic, and the inner contest of ‘heart verses head’ can make him quite unsettled. He’s methodical with an eye for detail, but there are times he’s unable to see any viewpoint but his own. Strong instincts drive him and these may find their outlet via strong opinions and tenacious dedication in areas other that cricket. Keen to share his views with others, he’s perfect as a commentator, and he’s also well placed to broach broader horizons with practical business sense, a cooperative nature and articulate expression.

There’s also a discreet and shrewd aspect to Warnie, and he knows how to charm people and win them over while remaining elusive. He likes to sum things up before jumping in – it’s as if he’s aware of his tendency to get carried away and has inbuilt precautions to protect himself. As a public figure with a high profile he projects a confident persona; he can play the game and present the image the role demands. But privately his sensitivities and perfectionism can get the better of him despite all he’s achieved. On a deeper level he’s not always as sure as he appears, but you’d never know it with his upbeat and cheerful manner, and his ability to keep the conversation flowing without giving much away, and although open with people he trusts, he takes a while to get to know.


Shane cares about appearances and he’s also focused on his future and financial security, so it’s not surprising he’s reinvented himself over the years and is well set up for the long term. However there’s a conflict he feels under the surface regarding his social image. As one of Australia’s leading sports personalities there’s no doubt he’s under tremendous pressure exude strength and confidence and to keep any sign to the contrary well out of view. But although his relaxed veneer gives little away, restrained tension and strong emotions are keenly felt. He wants to be noticed, for his mind as well as his bowling, and there’s an element of male bravado going on that he may not admit to. Although his personal relationships have been a hot topic, he remains a private person who is loyal to his family, especially the Warne name and his role as a father.

Physically motivated, Shane can’t be confined and he needs to be active with a variety of events to anticipate. He’s determined with a competitive nature, and when he’s emotionally invested there’s no stopping him. And while he’s warm and engaging with friends and colleagues, he’s not as effusive at close range – he’s more practical and down to earth, despite the colourful stories in the news. Practicality and realism are at the heart of his motivation, as well as a desire to achieve a status that reinforces his success. He thinks and adapts quickly, applying the same strategies in life that he did on the pitch. His self-belief underpins his positivity and natural charm, but there’s a lot below the surface.