Donald Trump’s writing

The man behind the signature…

As Donald Trump dominates all forms of media, attention has been drawn to his signature – thick black angles with tall spikes, in determined repetition. His regular writing however is quite different, and has changed markedly over the years. Graphology is a snapshot in time and reveals the personality as it is at the time of writing. In the current sample we have an honest picture of his self-image, what drives him, and the ‘whys’ of his behaviour in 2017. A sample written 30 years earlier shows a man at the crossroads, but also gives clues of what was to come. Considered together we have a complete picture of his will power, emotions, and of his quest for greatness – for which the price is high indeed.

Confidence and will power underpin Trump’s strong character, and his presence is undeniable where ever he goes. He’s larger than life yet constrained within a self-made framework that protects him and defines him at the same time. He’s practical, but critical of those who stand in his way, as his desire to be recognized for grand achievements is at the heart of his actions. He surrounds himself with people who share his views, benefiting from their support and advice, even though he’s likely to make his mind up independently. A well-chosen team has been instrumental in his success, but his demanding nature is sure to be noted by those who work with him, as his singular focus can override the priorities of others. Highly intuitive, he reacts instantly to his environment with strong reactions. As far as Trump sees it, you’re either for him or against him, and there’s no middle ground, but he is loyal to his select circle of colleagues, and fiercely protective of his family.

The note written in December ’87 shows a sensitive man with high ideals, a perfectionist who constrains his natural instincts. He is driven, but at the same time withholds self-expression, like a clock tightly wound with inner tension. His focus and systematic approach also contains hidden resentment he can’t address, and he’s very defensive. The rigidity of the script suggests that his inhibitions became too much to bear, and that mid-life brought a change of personality that is more controversial and confrontational than his younger self.

Thirty years later and his writing explodes across the page without the restraint of earlier years. His anxiety persists but is now expressed freely – he will share his views regardless – however this doesn’t diminish unresolved hurts and defensiveness when it comes to personal matters. His discontent is palpable as he literally crosses out the article by the journalist with bold writing in his preferred felt tip pen. He’s replaced restraint with over-confidence and anti-establishment attitudes, but the extreme displays and inconsistent reactions speak of a troubled childhood. 

The middle son of a highly successful and wealthy man, Donald learnt from a young age to hide sensitivity or incur his father’s harsh reprimand. He was expected to succeed, and his emotions remain undeveloped but over charged, being denied expression in his earliest years. As a result his gut reactions are swift and unexpected and he is easily offended, especially concerning matters of logic. He responds instantly with defensive aggression, and is still unconsciously driven by his father’s high expectations.

Donald identifies so strongly with being a self-assured and accomplished leader that he struggles with genuine introspection. He is consumed with his immediate vision of how things should be, and lacks a wider perspective. Defensive and aggressive strategies that he has relied on for so long block his personal development, and the wall he has built to protect himself prevents him from empathizing with others. While becoming president may be considered a victory, personal fulfillment may remain elusive. As a world leader his personal frustrations continue to surface and guide his decisions with consequences felt across the globe. We can only hope that his tenacity and quest for greatness is channeled towards peaceful solutions.