Your handwriting holds the answers...

Life doesn’t come with directions or a map, but did you know that the answers you seek could be as close as your fingertips? Handwriting reveals the essence of character, and graphology, the study of handwriting, is a wonderful tool for bringing to light your inner purpose. Conscious and unconscious desires, strengths and potential, as well as hidden fears are all evident when we write. The amazing thing about graphology is that it can guide us along our true path, unique for each one of us.

How can this be? Well – writing starts in the brain, not the hand. Studies have found that amputees who write with the foot or mouth will produce recognizably similar writing as they did when they were able bodied. Those whose sight deteriorates will produce the same shapes on paper as they did previously, even though other factors may affect readability. It is our inner psyche that puts letters on the page, and this is what graphologists examine to form a unique character profile.     

Graphology can be relied upon as a valid expression of the personality, and has so much to offer. 

·     You'll have inside information that you may not be aware of

·     It is objective, because the graphologist assesses what is on the page, and is not swayed by looks, experiences, or other people's opinions

·     It can focus on an area of life where you seek answers while considering the 'big picture' of who you are and how you approach everyday life

 With greater self-knowledge about ‘how you really tick’ you can make decisions that are true for you and in line with your life purpose. Whether you’re a student planning a career, or at the crossroads at midlife wondering which road to choose, or perhaps considering a partnership, professional handwriting analysis will give you a clear picture of the personalities involved.

 As an experienced graphologist and member of the British Institute of Graphologists I assure you of my tact and discretion with regards to reporting. I will bring to light the areas that most concern you with a wholistic view of the individual. You can also read further articles on handwrintinganalysed.com.au about how graphology works, to gain an insight into this fascinating field of psychological analysis.

 Put pen to paper – the answers may be closer than you think!