How graphology works - The inner self revealed

These days it’s just so easy to text, tweet or let a photo to the talking, but did you know that your handwriting reveals your personality, deepest fears and dreams for the future? A simple pen and paper is all you need to express the inner workings of your mind, and an experienced graphologist can tell your personal life story from a page of your handwriting. 

Writing as a means of communication has been known for at least 5000 years, and has been described by renowned psychoanalyst Carl Yung as ‘a valid expression of the human psyche’. Having learnt from a copy model as children, we all develop a unique writing style – more simplified or stylish, smaller or larger, broad sweeps across the page or small neat pen strokes – and these alterations are what graphologists examine and interpret to unveil the unique character of a person.

As a member of the British Institute of Graphology I am qualified to assess writing for a broad variety of purposes, including recruitment, career planning, youth guidance, compatibility and clarity for those facing mid-life challenges. I also aim to bring raise awareness of graphology and how useful it is in so many aspects of life. Follow my series of articles and you’ll learn some useful tips about what your writing says about you.  

It is important to note that all aspects of the writing must be considered to paint an accurate portrait of the personality. This means that one writing feature alone is not enough to attribute a trait to someone. This makes graphology a fair and unbiased way to uncover the unique character of an individual with countless applications for all aspects of life.