Please excuse my writing...

You’ve probably got a keyboard in your pocket – on your phone. It’s almost expected these days that we stay in touch by typing. So, when was the last time you picked up a pen – and what do you think of your handwriting?

Those who rarely write often say that they are out of practice, that their writing is untidy. But the physical act of putting pen to paper always reveals how we are in the moment. It is a snapshot in time of how we see ourselves and relate to others, regardless of how frequently we write. Even if we don’t particularly like the squiggles we produce, they reveal our goals, motivation and potential. Your heart and soul is on the page whether you like it or not!

Unpracticed writing can often (but not always) be irregular, and this appears as varied letter size and shape, and in how the writing is laid out on the page. Irregular writers have strong emotions and see themselves as different from others. They prefer variety and adventure to routine, and are often curious with diverse interests. They may feel restlessness but not know why, and they can spend loads of energy pursuing ideas that engage their senses and imagination. They can also be unpredictable and find it difficult to maintain consistent positive self-esteem, but these so called ‘messy writers’ are often highly creative and spontaneous individuals with lightening reflexes well suited to today’s hectic world. 

Channeling this wealth of creativity can be like harnessing an unbroken horse, who has only known freedom and relies on its instincts. But rather than thinking that we need to fit into the status quo of today’s society, it is the intuitive amongst us that give life its colour. They’re the artists, the ideas people, the dreamers. They may need other people to help them realize their dreams, but without them life would be dull indeed. Other features of the writing will identify their area of expertise and interest, and a professional analysis will paint a full picture of the individual and the environment that suits them best where they will thrive. 

So don’t underestimate your less than perfect notes and scribbles. They hold the story of who you are, and of your true potential.