What the size of your writing says about you

Do you like using up the page and find ruled lines annoying? Or is your writing small and contained with a focus on finer details? The size of someone’s writing can be the first thing that we notice when reading a note - it tells us about their confidence and how much room they need to be themselves. Size measured from the top of the tall letters to the bottom of the lower forms such as y and g is called ‘absolute’ and how the writer would like to see themselves, and this is a great starting point for understanding the personality. 

Medium size is usually unimposing and in proportion to the writing space. Australian script falls within the size of 8mm to 12mm for the total writing space. More excessive variations in size can indicate stronger personality traits, however would need to be confirmed by supporting features in the writing.

You can’t ignore a large writer

 They make their presence felt, often appearing confident and ‘larger than life’. Energy and activity usually go with this type who sweep into a room and your life with unmistakable gusto and plenty to say. They don’t mind attracting attention and often end up playing a starring role for all to see. 

Size is one indicator of self-esteem and the large writer displays confidence as they make bold marks on the page and in life. However, if excessively large, the writing then needs to be examined to see if bravado is disguising feelings of inferiority. If the writing is balanced, you can expect the person to be dynamic and strong willed with a style of their own.

The small writer can arrive at a party without you even noticing...

Attention is not their thing, but don’t underestimate their eye for detail. They may well have surprising strengths when it comes to concentration and executive ability. They can also be self-critical and focused on perfection, but they’re unlikely to admit it openly. Small writers can often be the quiet achievers who will work uninterrupted, often with scientific interests. 

Looking at how they space their words and lines will give additional clues to their working styles and their desire for social contacts. Small writers often have a carefully chosen group of friends and take time to get to know. However once you have earned their trust they can be incredibly loyal. Other traits in the writing will reveal whether their need for privacy affects their way of life significantly.

The medium sized writer 

The medium sized writer is usually realistic in their view of the world and them-selves. They are conventional in their approach to life, and average sized writing is a good starting place for a balanced personality. Along with other positive features that indicate stability, such as good layout and consistency, the medium sized writer is in a good position to adapt to life’s challenges in a practical way. 

Medium size is a good supporting feature for other signs that indicate practicality and resilience. Good team-players, all-rounders and diplomats are amongst this group, as they have the ability to compromise and adjust to their environment. It pays to have a few medium sized writers in the work place, as they will be the steady workers who are easy going and see things through.  

What about variable size?

Variation in writing size shows that the writer can respond to what life throws at them with spontaneity. Seeing a little variation is always preferable to writing that appears robotic, but if the writing appears chaotic and extreme, you can expect the behaviour to follow suit. However a deeper evaluation of even the most irregular script can uncover some unlikely strengths and skills just waiting to be developed. All traits need to be backed up by other features in the writing to be sure of their presence. 

The above outlines refer to the total size of the writing, but different letter forms and spacing will provide deeper insight. When all aspects of the writing are considered, we can identify whether a person is as confident as they appear or just putting on a brave show. Graphology appraises the whole of the personality without putting anyone in a set category, which sets it apart from other types of personality testing. It is always the combination of features and the interaction between them that reveals the truth about the writer, and allows them to ‘step off the page’.