Does handwriting reveal personality for infrequent writers?

As digital communication increases, it’s easy to see why many of us rarely write. Quick, easily read messages can be typed in an instant, giving our writing skills the day off, or even longer. 

So what does this mean for graphology – the study of personality through handwriting? Is it still an accurate way to assess character and behaviour when the writer is ‘out of practice’? You may not be proud of your writing but even so, you are unconsciously guided to write the way you do.

This study aims to answer these questions with concrete data, and real life examples. Participants will receive a free character summary in exchange for honest feedback regarding the results. 

Limited positions are now available for the following candidates:

Those who write:

  • Daily
  • Every few days
  • Once a week
  • Once a fortnight
  • Once a month
  • Less than once a month

Required is a page of writing with a signature.

Participants are provided with a free character summary in exchange for feedback.

There is no cost involved for participation. Candidates’ details remain strictly confidential, and only accuracy scores are collated in data outcomes. 

Writing begins in the brain and is subject to the conscious and unconscious elements of our psyche. We can see this in body language, for example; pride, excitement, inhibition or shyness. Spontaneous reactions are unrehearsed, but are still genuine, and this may relate to how revealing unpractised writing is. Results will be available to all participants as well as an opportunity for further assessment.

To take part in this exciting initiative contact Andrea Scarfe
Member of the British Institute of Graphologists